3 Free Services that Make You Believe in the Internet Again

Photography by  Allen Nguyen

Photography by Allen Nguyen

Everyone loves free stuff, right?? 

Sort of.

I'll be honest-- I'm usually pretty skeptical of free things. In fact, when it comes to services or any type of "favor" done for free, I end up feeling super uncomfortable most of the time. In the back of my mind, I'm either expecting the "free" service to come at a cost (cheap quality), or as a favor due back down the road. 

BUT, with that being said... the list I'm about to give you is a short summary of free resources that are actually meaningful

With the holidays over with, why not indulge in something that doesn't drain your wallet?

Without further ado....

1) Notes from the Universe


Subscribe for free and get a personalized email from the Universe every weekday morning (usually between 4-5 am) regarding life, love, wisdom, living in the present moment, and so so much more. 

This item is number one on my list for so many reasons, and it quickly became the email I most look forward to every day. Mike Dooley does an absolutely fabulous job at creating optimistic, heartfelt messages that encourage you to manifest positivity and success in your life. 

2) Headspace's Take 10 Challenge


A free version of the meditation app that literally teaches you how to sit through a guided meditation properly, complete with breathing coaching and posture tips. 

Headspace is being used and recommended by some of the world's leading corporations. And being in a field myself that is highly stressful, I can't even imagine not devoting time to my own thoughts. Meditation, in whatever form you choose is a complete game-changer. 

3) The Rich Roll Podcast


Hear interviews from professional athletes, meditation gurus, world-renowned experts in biomedical science, and more from this amazingly well-curated weekly podcast. Every time I feel like I need inspiration, this podcast does it for me. I listened on my commute to anesthesia school and it made sitting in traffic so much easier, not to mention productive!

What are some of your favorite free services? Comment, share, and subscribe below!