10 Reasons Why I am (still) Vegan

Hello dear friends!

I am beyond excited and giddy at the thought of you reading this right now.

As the dreamer-upper and chief beach-lover at Modern Merfolk, I am filled with joy that our world is slowly moving toward a kinder, more compassionate future.

One of the most common questions I get asked at work and abroad is: why am I still vegan?

That dreaded "V" word has gotten bad press in decades past. My parents associated it with a less-than-desirable hairy-armpits lifestyle, and a typical "phase" that most teenage girls were expected to outgrow (at least down here in Texas). But as the movement becomes more and more mainstream, the curious questions keep coming!

This About section explains how I became inspired to transition to a plant-based lifestyle. 

But even more important to answer is my decision to continue this madness year after year!

Here are my 10 best reasons:

  1. I have more energy: better sleep means I get to kick my coffee habit!

  2. It saves me money: meal planning and beans. Nuff said.

  3. I am helping the environment: just Google the amount of water it takes to grow a field of grain vs livestock. BOOM!

  4. My family is healthier: from watching me consistently make better choices, my family has naturally started seeing that living healthy is possible. Leading by example is one of the hardest-- and most effective-- ways to enact change in others. I'm so proud of my parents for eating less meat!

  5. I am preventing chronic disease: diabetes, coronary artery disease, and even some cancers are shown to be less prevalent when following a whole-foods plant-based diet.

  6. I get to try awesome new foods: believe it or not, there are plenty of cultures that follow plant-based diets that don't eat bland meals every night. In fact, when was the last time you tried cooking with Za'atar or fresh Tomatillos? Get to it!

  7. The grocery stores are catching on: I don't have to rely on health food stores to get my vegan milk anymore. It's amazing!

  8. Vegan restaurants are always near the cutest hipster coffee shops: we like to travel, and my husband still loves a good cup of coffee. Enter: hipster coffee shops and vegan food are like avocado and toast.

  9. My athletic performance keeps improving: I have completed 4 marathons in 1.5 years and have not been injured (knock on wood) yet. Btw, anyone want to run a 50-mile race next Spring?

  10. I still really love animals: I always get the look of pity from this answer. It's almost as if some people don't believe that loving animals is a good reason to stop eating them. I don't think compassion makes us weaker; in fact, many religious and renowned philosophers have argued that a more compassionate human race could secure our ultimate survival.

So why are you still vegan? What are some of the craziest questions you've been asked?