5 Cookbooks That Will Make You Fall in Love With Vegan Food

Allen Nguyen Photography

Allen Nguyen Photography

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Seriously, we cannot get enough of vegan food at our house. 

When people find out that we don't eat meat, sometimes they give my husband and I that look of pity that says, "your food must be so terrible, how do you have the will power to carry on?". 

(And sometimes instead of a look, the words actually come out of their mouths). 

If you've ever had any doubts that vegan dishes can make your mouth water, just search the hashtag #veganfoodporn on Instagram and see for yourself:

vegan food porn instagram

I don't know about you, but all of these look amazing. 

Healthy food choices don't have to be bland and terrible. If they were, I wouldn't have been able to stick with a vegan diet for over 3 years. 

We are always looking for new recipes and cookbooks to add to our growing collection. We hardly ever like to repeat a dish.

Back in the days before I learned to cook, I would rotate the same boring 4 recipes each week: pasta, baked chicken breast with frozen veggies, baked fish with microwaved rice, and pizza. 

Sound familiar?

Transitioning to this lifestyle has made us fall in love with eating amazing food.

Instead of eating bland food, remind yourself what whole, nutritious, nourishing food tastes like. 

Below is a list of 5 plant-based cookbooks written by powerhouse authors in the vegan movement that will make you love plant-based meals:


Give one of these books a try and cook along with us! Use #modernmerfolk to share your creations.

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