7 Ways to Ditch Plastic Now

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I am SO excited to announce that MM has a new brand ambassador. 

Meet Marissa: a gorgeous woman living in my favorite place on earth, Kauai, HI. She completely embodies everything I love about this company's mission: sustainability, living life with purpose and intention, and following a plant-based diet while traveling to  some of the most stunning places in the world. 

Marissa has experienced first hand some of the horrible effects of plastic usage on our planet's oceans. She recently took a trip to Bali, Indonesia and snapped some horrific photos exhibiting just how bad the situation really is. 

Sometimes we may feel so far removed from the problems people talk about, like the giant Pacific Garbage Patch, or the futility of recycling. But her experiences bring a new urgency to these issues; we can no longer pretend that these problems don't exist. 

Read her blog post below and get educated on making small changes for big results!

I've been so inspired by her that this summer MM will be rolling out a new launch of plastic-free starter kits! Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, be sure to follow her amazing account on IG, @marissahawaii

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The year is 2018. We are living in a plastic wasteland.  Since 1950, over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic have been produced worldwide. Virtually every piece of plastic ever produced still exists on the planet today.  According to National Geographic, only 9% of plastic gets recycled, leaving a whopping 91% polluting our planet. 

The majority of plastic thrown away in garbage cans AND recycling bins does not actually get recycled, and it doesn’t magically disappear- it gets dumped straight into the ocean. Over 100,000 marine animals die every year due to the thousands of pieces of micro-plastics trapped inside their bodies.  Scientists estimate that by 2048, there will be no fish left in the sea.  

One of the most effective ways to make a positive environmental impact is to majorly cut back on the amount of plastic we purchase on a daily basis. Here are some little ways to make a big change:

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Americans purchased over 50 billion plastic water bottles last year alone, which is CRAZY!  Ditch the plastic bottles and invest in an insulated metal reusable bottle.  It’ll keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for over 24 hours, and you’ll never have to pay for a single use plastic bottle ever again. The brand I highly recommend (and use every single day) is Hydro Flask. (In addition to water bottles, Hydro Flask also sells coffee mugs, tumblers, pint glasses, kids cups and more). Link: https://www.hydroflask.com/bottles


Over 1 TRILLION plastic bags are used and discarded worldwide every single year.  That’s over 13 million new bags PER DAY! There are thousands of green alternatives, including cloth, insulated, hemp + bamboo resusable bags. Here is an Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/147-6708330-7438562?url=node%3D1252210011&field-keywords=reusable+grocery+bag


When you order food To-Go, bring your own container and cutlery. It sounds like a pain, but it’s really not.  I keep a metal straw + bamboo fork and spoon in my purse and carry them with me wherever I go. My favorite brand of bamboo containers/cutlery is from a company called To-Go Ware. Link: https://www.to-goware.com/category-bamboo-utensil-sets-247


Bring your own straw.  I've spent hours and hours cleaning up the beaches in South East Asia, and the number one item I picked up was plastic straws.  Americans alone use over 500 MILLION plastic straws every single day.  That’s enough to fill something like 125 school buses every single day. Alternatives include bamboo straws and metal straws. I personally prefer metal straws, but both are great. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Straws-straws-Cleaning/dp/B00AJG5E1U


The second most common item I found throughout the beach rubbish was toothbrushes.  This was really eye opening to me. I’d never thought twice about purchasing a plastic toothbrush because that's all I'd ever used since I got my first tooth. Over 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes are purchased in America every year! Bamboo toothbrushes make a great alternative. They work just as well as a plastic brush, but decompose, unlike plastic brushes which exist on the planet forever. Link: https://www.gondolabamboo.com/product-page


Close to 20 billion tampons and applicators are dumped into North American landfills every year.  Not only are they expensive and leach harmful chemicals, such as rayon, dioxin, chlorine and propylene glycol, into your body, they’e also very wasteful and harmful to the environment. Menstrual cups cost around $40, but will last years, so you’ll save tons of money in the long run. I’ve been using a DivaCup for over 2 years and love it.  There are a number of brands, but this is the one that works best for me. http://divacup.com


A large amount of clothing sold in stores is made from nylon or polyester.  Both of these materials are polymers, a plastic with super long heavy molecules built up of short, endlessly repeating sections of atoms.  In other words, much of the clothing in your closet is likely made from plastic, and therefore not biodegradable, and will exist in the environment indefinitely.  Fortunately there are loads of sustainable options! One of the many awesome vegan clothing companies I love is http://inthesoulshine.com and an ethical + eco-friendly swimsuit company I love is https://indigoluna.net They dye their clothing out of things like indigo leaves and mango leaves- how cool is that!?

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We have the power to keep the planet clean! Together we can make a change!

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