The Best Vegan Football Party

the best vegan football party

A vegan football party doesn't have to taste like it might sound.

Whip up some of these amazing recipes that we've made in our own kitchen and be the host (or guest) of the year!

We give you permission to gloat when your friends say "I can't believe this is vegan!". 

Remember: JUST SAY NO to bland vegetable trays. 

This post contains several affiliate links, meaning that we get compensated by the Amazon Associates program for any products you purchase. We ONLY recommend books we've personally used and trust for filling our bellies in our own home :) 

1) Delish Knowledge Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Wings with Ranch Sauce

This recipe is seriously the party favorite. I've cooked them probably 6-10 times, and each time my meat-eating friends are licking their fingers. Alex of Delish Knowledge makes it super easy. Just chop cauliflower, batter in a flour mixture, bake, then remove from the oven to slather your favorite vegan hot sauce on the golden brown nuggets and bake for a few more minutes for heat. For the ranch sauce, use some vegan mayo mixed with soy milk, dried dill, garlic powder, salt, and onion powder. Whisk together and serve with chopped celery.

Vegan Cauliflower Wings Football Party

2) Thug Kitchen Carrot Dogs

These guys admittedly sound disgusting. But they're not, and it's kind of eerily surprising. The cute couple over at Thug Kitchen HQ has you marinate the peeled carrots and roast them in the oven, so they turn out VERY similar to hot dogs! Then, pile on the fixings. See the link for a not-as-good-but-close copy cat recipe, or just buy their cookbook for the real thing.

3) Thug Kitchen Party Grub Nachos with Butternut Squash Queso Dip 

Queso is always a winner. It's just a fact. Here in Houston, we like queso with everything, and it's been a real challenge finding a vegan version to satisfy my taste buds. After a couple of years of experimenting, I've finally found the perfect thick, gooey, creamy dip to hit the spot. Enter: butternut squash queso. For the nachos: chop up red onion, fresh jalepeno, lettuce, and purple cabbage. THEN dump on a can of rinsed black beans, guacamole, and your favorite chunky style salsa. It's fast, easy, and f*cking delicious. 

4) Minimalist Baker Lentil Sloppy Joe's (in slider form)

For a party, I would make these into sliders topped with pickles and onions, OR serve as a dip with your favorite chips. The great thing about lentils is their super meaty texture. They have an excellent ability to absorb any type of flavor, and they're packed with fiber and protein. 

vegan sloppy joes

5) Minimalist Baker Spinach and Artichoke Dip

AHHH, spinach and artichoke dip. So creamy, so delicious, and *usually* terrible for you. All of that melted cheese in the original non-vegan recipe adds a ridiculous amount of unhealthy fats and calories to your waistline. Why not try this vegan version by the talented Minimalist Baker? She's the master of vegan-izing any popular dish, AND she makes it with 10 ingredients or less. BOOM. We've tried this recipe and it was very popular with our visiting relatives. 

6) Love and Lemons Chipotle Hummus Endive Boats

We've recently started a love affair with the Love and Lemons cookbook. The author is a former graphic designer who resides in Austin, TX. She creates pretty simple and beautiful dishes that are practically magical. Why?? Because she encourages you to just use WHAT YOU HAVE in your house. No wasting old veggies. For the hummus recipe, we use Minimalist Baker's 5-minute vegan Hummus recipe and added two Chipotle in Adobo peppers (leftover from another recipe during the week). The result? A super spicy and tangy dip! Love and Lemons gave me the idea to just grab some endives and use them as dipping boats. It looks super **FANCY** and will definitely impress your guests. 

7) Minimalist Baker Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I write this blog post, my husband walks over and hands me this EXACT cookie. It's gluten-free, vegan, and chocolate-y delicious. So naturally I would serve it at a football party. Follow the link for the recipe on her blog. 

8) Run Like Kale Black Bean Brownies

For the more adventurous of you, why not have your friends try your "special brownies"? What's so special about them? My rad cousin over at Run Like Kale developed this recipe and made it super easy to convince yourself that brownies are good for you. Protein, fiber, and vegetables (legumes?) = healthy. Just ignore the sugar. Follow the link above or in the photo for the recipe!

Photo by

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9) Rawsome Vegan Life Chocolate Popsicles

These are great for parties, and if you start making them first, you'll have them ready for eating after everyone's binged on nachos, hot-dogs, dips, and cookies. They're absolutely SO easy to throw together, especially if you have a blender or food processor. If you haven't purchased either yet and plan on cooking a lot in the future, check out what's in our kitchen for the tools we use at home. Below I posted the molds we use! They're less than $10 and I think they're absolutely worth it. Follow the link above to visit Rawsome Vegan Life's GORGEOUS blog!!


Are you ready for some football!?!?

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