Vegan Around the World: Greece

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Hey there beautiful people!

This post is an update from @marissahawaii as she travels now through Greece with stories of adventure. Read about (and drool over) her amazing experiences sailing gorgeous waters, traveling on a budget, and of course, vegan meal inspo hacks in Greece!

You can find her photos on IG on @modernmerfolk and @marissahawaii! Go check them out after you read the post!

Vegan Around the World

September 11th, 2018 at 8 AM. My two best girlfriends and I finally made it to Milos, a tiny island about an hour off the coast of Santorini, Greece! I instantly knew that we were going to love it. Houses, churches and restaurants; white with blue trim and bright pink flower vines wrapped around, fairy lights strung along cobblestone roads, vast limestone rock in the distance, dry, salty air. The whole town smelled like a bakery. 

We took a 10 minute taxi to Milos Hotel, our cute accommodation in the heart of Adamas, where we were greeted by the sweet owner, Sofia, and about 10 baby kittens. We threw our bags in the room and headed straight for a dip in the crystal clear water. It was still early in the morning, but we were jet lagged and starving, so we left the beach and walked to a restaurant in town to eat massive plates of pasta for breakfast. Due to lack of sleep and a pasta overdose, we decided to head back to the hotel for a quick nap. I woke up to find that it was pitch black out, nearly midnight, and I’d accidentally slept for 10 hours…whoops. 

vegan kittens in greece

Fortunately everything in Greece is open late. The island comes alive at night. Every table is filled with locals and tourists drinking coffee and wine with copious amounts of bread under the stars until the sun comes up. We walked around the town, ordered vegan chocolate gelato and then came back to our hotel to watch a movie and pass out for the night. 

The next morning was my 22nd birthday! We rented a little white cruiser car and drove up north to a beach called Sarakiniko. The milky blue water is surrounded by white volcanic rock, and kind of looks like you’re walking in a canyon on the moon! We spent all afternoon there until we were completely sun fried. We hopped in the car and drove to a cute little coastal town called Pollonia and shared a birthday bottle of wine at the beach while watching the sunset.  We had planned on going out to the nightclub in town afterwards, but I am 22 going on 80 and was too exhausted, so instead we ordered pasta, bread and mushroom risotto and were back and ready for bed at the hotel by 9pm. We started watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding but only lasted about 20 minutes before all falling asleep.

Sleep > Going out. Always.

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vegan in greece modern merfolk travel diary

In Greece, the only requirement for renting a boat is that you’re 18 years old.  It was cheaper and more awesome for the three of us to split the cost of a little boat and drive it ourselves than to pay for a crowded tour boat. We took off for the afternoon and swam in some of the clearest crystal water I’ve ever seen in my life! I could try and tell you just how stunning the island was by sea, but these pictures will explain far better than my words-

vegan on a boat greece
vegan girls in greece
vegan girls swimming in greece modern merfolk

We spent the rest of the week cruising around the island without any plan or destination in mind. I love doing this. Stumbling upon breathtaking views and water colors ranging from milky blue to sapphire and everything in between. 

One important lesson I’ve learned while traveling is how to go with the flow. Things do not always go the way that you had anticipated they would, so it’s super important to be flexible and easy going and trust that it will all work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. We came to Milos without any plans or expectations, and wow! We could not have had a more incredible trip!

vegan hawaii girls trip to greece

Travel Hack

The cheapest way to travel is VEGAN!

I know this blog post is getting long, but I felt I couldn’t end it without a little vegan inspo!

Before heading to Greece (as well as everywhere else I’ve ever travelled) a number of people told me “You’re going to starve! I was in ___ last year and couldn’t find a single vegan option anywhere!” 

I’m happy to report that I’ve visited countless countries spread across 4 continents and have yet to find that eating vegan is impossible. Some countries have been a bit of a challenge, yes, but always manageable. 

My friends and I travelled throughout the land of lamb and cheese and had no problem finding vegan options on even the smallest secluded islands.

Breakfasts typically consisted of fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and tea. I’ve never eaten so many juicy peaches, plums, and figs in my life! You could get an entire box of peaches for less than 3 Euros (aprox $5 USD). Lunch was lots of avocado toast- avos from the local morning markets and a fresh baguette from the bakery in town (for 1 Euro). And dinner a combination of Greek salad without the cheese, fava, which is a yummy bean spread, spaghetti with mushrooms instead of meatballs, bread and olive oil, pesto without the cheese, and lots of plates of olives. We also packed copious amounts of nutritional yeast and hot sauce from back home in Hawaii… I mean… are you even a true vegan if you’re not packing a bag of nooch half the size of your carry on bag? 

If you’re on a budget, eating vegan around the world is not only easy and delicious, but it is the most affordable way to go! 

Happy travels!