Success Isn't Sexy

the path to success

Today I finished up an episode of one of my favorite talk shows called the Rich Roll Podcast. I seriously love this production not only because it's free and hosted by a vegan ultra-endurance athlete (not to mention New York Times Bestselling author), but also because of its raw honesty when it comes to giving advice to people looking to make a step in the "right" direction of health and wellness.

I highly encourage everyone I know and care about to check it out for free here. I seriously love it.

During every episode, Rich usually asks about simple tools, habits, and goals that normal people can incorporate into their daily lives to sort of glean measurable and attainable "nuggets of wisdom" (as Marie Forleo would say) for his listeners. 

The answer from each expert and interviewee-- whether they be a world-renowned scientist or Olympic gold medalist-- almost always, shockingly, goes something like this:

Getting to the top is the result of making small choices, consistently, over a long period of time.

There you go. What's even less sexy and more frustrating? Here are some of the most popular habits of wildly successful guests from his show, broken down:

  • Drinking lots of water

  • Cultivating mindfulness through meditation

  • Eating a whole-foods plant-based diet

  • Getting 8 hours of (uninterrupted) sleep per night

  • Dedicating large chunks of time each day to their side-hustle or true passion

  • Surrounding themselves with people who cultivate positivity

  • Learning from free resources (talking to people)

  • Living below their means, with less material possessions

  • Looking at mistakes without judgement, and learning from them

  • Hitting rock bottom and surviving through daily commitment to rehab

  • Running, climbing, swimming, biking...moving as much as possible

In an almost maddening sequence of events, the listener (me) revels at the tales told by a man or woman who has traversed the entire length of the Sahara Desert on foot, climbed the tallest peak on every continent in less than 1 year, or gone from drug-addicted convict to serial millionaire entrepreneur; I then find myself hanging on every piece of advice that they could possibly offer on how to do what they did, then roll my eyes at the simple truth.  

We all hate to admit it, but the secret to success isn't sexy.

But marketing is all about sexy. And sexy means fast, furious, and abs-by-Monday solutions.

Don't fall for it. 

Instead, find joy in the true "smallness" of the choices that lie ahead. Consistent small actions are easier to wrap your head around than huge, life-altering leaps of faith. Why? Because they're SMALL!

Here's an action guide to try:

What's the next meal you plan on eating? Can it have more fruits and veggies?

What's the next drink you're about to choose? Can it be water instead of soda?

What's the next financial move you're about to make? Can it involve using a cash allowance instead of a credit card?

Who's the next person you're about to spend time with? Do they bring you positivity and joy?

As many of the greats interviewed on the RRP admit: they've been able to "look up" after years of making these better choices, and see how much their lives have truly changed.

I truly believe that we ALL have the power to make our lives change for the better, without leaning into a fast-fix, expensive supplement, or next-generation super drink to do it.

The payoff of consistency is that it leads to effortless, PERMANENT change.

Lots of love on Change-Maker Thursday!


Paige B,