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Vegan Around the World: Greece

Have you ever thought about how beautiful Greece is? How about traveling internationally as a vegan on a budget? This gorgeous post written by our ambassador @marissahawaii details how you can do just that, along with drool-worthy crystal blue waters for your viewing pleasure :) Happy reading!

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7 Ways to Ditch Plastic Now

Sometimes we may feel so far removed from the problems people talk about, like the giant Pacific Garbage Patch, or the futility of recycling. But Marissa’s experiences bring a new urgency to these issues; we can no longer pretend that these problems don't exist. 

Read her blog post below and get educated on making small changes for big results!

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How to Get serious about blogging

Have you thought about starting a blog? Do you ever wonder what it's like to start a side-hustle in the after-hours of your 9-5 gig? I talk about what it's been like for us this past year, and get down into full transparency on all topics related to starting our new online business. It's something I wish I could have read prior to getting into this new world, and I hope it helps anyone out there who's as uncertain as I once was. 

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